Grand Valley State University Women's Center

Farmer's Market Initiatives

We encourage all students to utilize the GVSU Farmers Market, which operates on Wednesdays in the summer from 10 am - 1:30 pm. For more information, visit the Farmers Market website

Students with Bridge Cards:

Receive a FREE $5 Voucher to the GVSU Farmers Market

If a student holds a bridge card, they can visit the Health & Wellness table at the Farmers Market and automatically receive a voucher for $5.00 to use at ANY vendor at the Farmers Market.  There is no money deducted from the card, this is a FREE $5.00 voucher.  No money will exchange hands between the student and the vendor, there will be no change given back so the student must use the entire voucher at one vendor.

For questions or more information about this initiative, contact Kay Hart at (616) 331-2299 or hartkay@gvsu.edu.

Double Up Food Bucks at Farmers Markets Across the State of Michigan

Individuals with a SNAP Bridge Card can use their card at many Farmers Markets across the state and receive double up food bucks for the money they spend (i.e. $10 in SNAP benefits allows the individual to purchase $20 in Farmers Market produce). Visit the Double Up Food Bucks website for more information.

Page last modified May 9, 2014