Grand Valley State University Women's Center

Fair Trade Holiday Boutique

Every year, the Women's Center hosts a Fair Trade Holiday Boutique in December to provide students, faculty, and staff on campus the opportunity to buy fair trade, women-made goods. 10% of the proceeds raised are donated to Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW). Utilizing products from Global Gifts, this annual December event is a great opportunity to finish your Holiday shopping!

For specific details about this year's Fair Trade Holiday Boutique, please visit our Events Calendar.

More Information About Fair Trade

One key concept of Sustainability is Fair Trade, which includes several principles. These include principles that positively effect women and children such as: Fair Wages, Cooperative Workplaces, Consumer Education, Environmental Sustainability, Financial and Technical Support, Respect for Cultural Identity, and Public Accountability. The environmental benefits of fair trade include farms which produce crops with are safe and chemically free. They are typically organic, bio-diversity, as well as in ways, which keep contamination from entering near by waterways. Fair Trade not only positively influences the environment; it transforms women and children’s lives. 

According to the Fair Trade Federation, 70% of the worlds 1.3 billion poor people surviving on less than $1 a day are women. Fair Trade policies could rapidly reduce this fact. Fair trade allows women to earn an income and increasing their control over their families spending. Women are more likely to spend their income on better schooling for their children, better healthcare, and overall healthier food. 70% of the artisans participating in Fair Trade practices are women. Supporting Fair Trade is directly linked to the support of women.

Page last modified January 29, 2015