Grand Valley State University Women's Center

ATHENA Connections, GVSU

ATHENA Connections provides a setting for college students to interact with women leaders in business and higher education.  The program highlights the life journey(s) of successful women and illuminates the challenges and successes they have faced, and continue to face, in determining a career path, combining work and family, connecting with mentors, etc.

The Women's Center sponsors ATHENA Connections one to two times per year. For specific details about this year's programs, please visit our Events Calendar.

Last year's 2013 ATHENA®Award recipient and keynote speaker was Jeanne Englehart from the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce. 

For more infomation about this event, please email the Women's Center at womensctr@gvsu.edu or call us at 616-331-2749.

Page last modified July 25, 2014