Grand Valley State University Women's Center

Advisory Council

The Women's Center Advisory Council is made up of community, faculty, and staff members who provide guidance, feedback, and development strategies to the Women's Center and its staff.  The Advisory Council meets several times each year to receive updates from the Women's Center staff about its programming, services, and activism; and explores strategies for continued fund growth and development opportunities.

Community Members  

Laurie Beard 
President and CEO, Founders Bank and Trust

Jaime Counterman
Community Representative, American Cancer Society

Gayla Jewell, PhD, RNC, NP
Residency Programs Educator, Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners
Adjunct Assistant Professor, MSU College of Human Medicine

Bari S Johnson
The Stanton Group

Jennifer Moss
Community Member

GVSU Faculty/Staff Members

Natalia Gomez
Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures

Lisa Haynes
Director of Operations, Pew Campus

Michelle McCloud
Accounting Business Office

Lois Smith Owens
Director of Recruitment and Admissions, School of Social Work
Pat Smith
Associate University Counsel 

Kathleen Underwood
Chair, Women and Gender Studies

Women’s Center Staff Members

Jessica Jennrich

Jo Ann Wassenaar
Associate Director

Brittany Dernberger
Assistant Director

Theresa Rowland
VAWA Grant Coordinator

Darrhonda Scott-Jones
Office Coordinator


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