Champion Workgroup - Cross Professional Competence

Long-Term Goal

Promote a life-long commitment to cross-professional practice for the provision of safe, quality care.

Short-Term Goals

Provide the information, skills, and tools to:

1) Investigate beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes about cross-professional practice

2) Intentionally implement cross-professional practice

3) Reflect on global experiences to continuously improve cross-professional practice

GVSU Contact

  • Adam Stevens PSM, Biostats- Grand Valley State University
    • Phone:  616-331-5647
    • Email:

CPC Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2013

November 12, 2013

September 23, 2013

2012 Minutes

Educational Sessions & Activities

Cross-Cultural Competency June 2009

IP Student Clinical Placement Proposal (no date)

IPE Conference Sessions January 2010

Lunch n Learn Fall Series OUTLINE September 2011

Lunch n Learn Feb 2011 (CPC in Your Students)

Lunch n Learn September 2011

Lunch n Learn October 2011

Lunch n Learn November 2011

IPE Conference 3-Part Faculty Development January 2012

IPE Conference 3-Part Faculty Development GRID January 2012

CPC Interactive Session Game Draft 2012

About the CPC Workgroup

Campinha_Bacote Model

Goals, Assumptions, Value, Framework

Long- and Short-Term Goals January 2009

Principles, Barriers, Benefits

Proposal for Student Seminar May 2010

Purpose, Examples of Competencies

Tools, Assessments, and Models

Assessment Tool Table 2009

Attitudes to IP Learning (IPL) Scale

California Psychological Inventory Part 1

California Psychological Inventory Part 2

Cultural Competence Self-Test

IP Perception Scale

Professional Culture Exploration January 2009

Program Evaluation Tool

Self-Assessment IP Questions





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