QUESTION: Who is participating in the transit study group?

ANSWER: The West Michigan Transit Linkages Study Coordination Committee has been assembled to oversee the progress of the study.  The listing of members of the Coordination Committee can be found at

QUESTION: What is the goal of the transit study group?

ANSWER: The study committee continues to meet at Grand Valley State University to discuss the possibility of linking the area transit systems to facilitate passenger movement throughout the region. The committee engaged a consultant to complete a Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study. The results of that study will drive the next steps.

QUESTION: Who will benefit from the regional transit system?

ANSWER: All citizens located in the tri-counties of Kent, Ottawa, and Muskegon needing to move between those communities whether commuting to work or for other reasons. The service and options will grow as ridership grows. We have observed in other systems the virtuous cycle of greater ridership leading to more service options, which lead to yet greater ridership.

QUESTION: What West Michigan residents will be included in the Needs Assessment?

ANSWER: The Needs Assessment (extend of demand) will be conducted by the consultant through a survey of employees, seniors, disabled persons, college/university students, school children (unaccompanied) and low-income individuals.

QUESTION: Would I have an opportunity to participate in the survey?

ANSWER: The consultant engage the general public by holding at least two meetings during the study process.  Information regarding upcoming meetings can be found on

QUESTION: Is there a map showing Transit Linkages and other information?

ANSWER: Yes, it can be found on