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Center of Distinction

Mission: Transformation of health care delivery systems and health professional education through research, education, and practice.


Reforming Health Care Delivery and Education

Centers of Distinction bring together individuals with like interests.

The goals are to:

  • Provide an environment for developing and/or expanding the knowledge base.
  • Promote integration of the interest area in research, teaching, service, and practice.
  • Promote the translation and application of research-based knowledge.
  • Mentor new scholars in skills for research, teaching, service and practice.
  • Enhance collaborations with practice partners.
  • Provide a forum for interdisciplinary scholarship.

The Wesorick Center leads this Center of Distinction.” Current Meetings should be “Stay tuned for Fall 2014”


Please read the grant procedures carefully and plan to submit prior to the deadline. The proposal should be consistent with the Center of Distinction's aim or focus.

To request more information regarding the Center of Distinction Click Here.