Web Workshop Day - October 25, 2012

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Email Newsletters (8:30am in KC 2204)

Presented by Kelley Rogers - Session Buddy: Gray

Considering an email newsletter for your department, or looking for ways to improve what you’ve already got? We’ll go over some best practices, tips and tricks, and walk through the creation of an email newsletter. Using past campaigns’ analytics to improve future emails will also be covered.  

Photos & Images for the Web (8:30am in KC 2263)

Presented by Dave Poortvliet - Session Buddy: Brent

OMG you just caught the perfect photo of your new kitten asleep in your slipper and you need to get it on your web site asap! In this session we’ll show you how to rotate, crop resize and optimize photos for web sites using free photo editing software, as well as not-so-free software like photoshop. We’ll also share some resources where you can find copyright free photos & images.

A CMS Overview (8:30am in KC 2215/2216)

Presented by Daniel Slaughter - Session Buddy: Nick

Did you know the GVSU Web Team offers an opportunity to  easily make and maintain a website for your department? Learn everything the Content Management System (CMS) has to offer, from basic to advance topics, with tips, tricks, and customization.

Ben and Dave Review Your Site (9:30am in KC 2215/2216)

Presented by Ben Rapin and Dave Poortvliet - Session Buddy: Vincenzo

Let’s make your site even better than a double rainbow! Are you brave enough to show your site in front of the class? If so, let’s talk about what you are doing well, and the areas you could possibly improve on. Class participation is encouraged! Share your suggestions and see what others at GVSU are doing on their web sites.

Working with the Web Team (9:30am in KC 2263)

Presented by Nick Nelson and Joe Vugteveen - Session Buddy: Thomas

We love making websites. We love making your website. In this session, we will talk about how we can work together to make your next project a success!

The CMS Editor (9:30am in KC 2204)

Presented by Brandon Ridge and Gray Gwizdz - Session Buddy: Brent

In this session we will be reviewing all of the different ways you can use the Editor to create rich content for your site in the CMS. In this presentation we will cover all of the functions that the editor has, help with migrating information from other documents to HTML, as well as provide specific advice for other problems you may have.