In effort to complete your form in the most efficient way possible, we have developed a list of things to consider before submitting your request. We understand that every form is unique so this list is far from all-inclusive.

Before a request

Providing a rough draft as a word doc, a link to another form, or as screenshots is extremely helpful.

What information do you want to collect?

  • Be specific (First Name, Last Name instead of just name)
  • Which information is required?
  • Are guests allowed? How many guests can a registrant bring? What information do you need about the guest (First Name, Last Name, Dietary Restrictions)?
  • Be sure that the information collected doesn’t violate FERPA, HIPPA, PCI Compliance, etc. When in doubt, ask.

What site do you want this form to appear on (for example, /business or /business/accounting)?

Event details or other non-form content (When, where, presenter's bio/information, schedule of events, registration deadlines)

Are there any conditions or limits the for should check for/enforce?

  • Is the event open to everyone, or just a subset of students, faculty, staff, community members?
  • What is the capacity for your venue? Should the form limit registration to a certain number of people?
  • Do you need final counts by a certain date? Should the form automatically close registration at a certain point?
  • If so, what message should be displayed to users after that date?

Are you charging for this event? If so, please use our e-commerce request.

After an individual completes the registration

What information do you want displayed on the confirmation page and confirmation email?

Who should the confirmation message come from (web team or department contact)?

How would you like to receive this information?

  • Do you want to be CC'ed on confirmation messages?
  • Do you want an export of this information?
  • Do you need to manage these registrations beyond a simple export of the information?

Page last modified January 27, 2015