Women's Impact Award 2015

Sponsored by the GVSU Women's Commission

This annual award has been established by the Women's Commission to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions for the advancement of women at GVSU and in the community. This award will honor an individual for her or his contributions as a professional, volunteer, or agent of change. The Women's Impact Award will be presented at the annual Women's Commission Celebrating Women Awards Ceremony.

Nominations are encouraged from all employment groups at the University. The nomination and selection process is confidential. Please do not notify the candidate of your decision to nominate him or her. Those chosen for the award will be notified prior to the event. Nominees must be current employees of Grand Valley and will be based on the following:

  • A person who is committed to improving the lives of women at Grand Valley and/or women and girls in the community;
  • A person who empowers and inspires other women as a mentor, role model and/or friend;
  • A person who has a commitment to community service;
  • A person who has demonstrated success through the differences he or she makes in the lives of women and/or girls;

This list is not intended to be inclusive, but rather to give some measure of excellence. The nominee need not excel in all areas. The contribution can be in the recent past or over a longer period of time.

Nominations are open now

Nominations are due by 5pm Friday, February 20