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Available at the Women's Center Library are Women's Commission videos. You may check them out for viewing, however they are not available via the GVSU Library and are not listed on their website. We encourage you to check out the Women's Commission's accomplishments! We are committed to enriching Grand Valley State University by promoting diversity!

The following is a list of past presenters:
Her Story by Lois Owens
Director MSW Admissions & Recruitment
School of Social Work
October 23, 2003

Her Story by Wendy Wenner
Dean of COIS
November 2003

Her Story by Pat Oldt
Distinguished Professor
College of Education
January 2004

Her Story by Veta Tucker
Associate Professor
February 2004

Her Story by Pat Parker
Legal Services Librarian
September 29, 2004

Her Story by Barb Bergers
Director of Public Safety
October 21, 2004

Her Story by Jann Joseph
Associate Professor of the Biology Department
Coordinator of the Integrated Science Program
November 10, 2004

Her Story by Catherine Frerichs
Director PEW Fac Teach/Learning
January 23, 2005

Her Story by Barbara Palombi
Director of Counseling Center
Counsel/Career Development Center
February 2005

Her Story by Arnie Smith Alexander
Director of Upward Bound McNair Scholars/Trio
March 25, 2005 

Her Story by Sharon Robideaux
Visiting Asst. Professor
September 2005

Her Story by Maribeth Wardrop
Vice President Development
University Development Executive Office
October 2005

Her Story by Judy Whipps
Associate Professor
Liberal Studies
November 2005

Her Story by Julia Mason
Assistant Professor
COIS - Women and Gender Studies
November 2005

Her Story by Gayla Jewell
Associate Professor
November 2005

Her Story by Priscilla Kimboko
Dean Graduate Studies Grants Administration
February 2006

Her Story by Lee Van Orsdel
Dean of University Libraries
March 2006

Her Story by Jane Toot
Honors College
September 2006

Her Story by Shaily Menon
Associate Professor
November 2006

Her Story by Susan Mendoza-Jones
Director of Integrative Learning
Interdisciplinary Studies
November 2006

Her Story by Elizabeth (Liz) Eubanks
Computer Operations Supervisor
Information Technology
September 2007

Her Story by Nanette Reynolds
Senior Advisor to the President
President's Office
November 2007

Her Story by Diane Madsen
February 2008

Her Story by Jeanne Arnold
VP of Inclusion and Equity
Inclusion and Equity
September 2008

Her Story by Sue Sloop
Work Life Consultant
Human Resources
November 2008

Her Story by B. Lorraine Alston
Associate Professor
College of Education
January 2009

Her Story by Sandra Jennings
Administrative Asst.
March 2009

Her Story by Cheryl Boudreaux
Assistant Professor
September 2009

Her Story by Cassonya Carter-Pugh
Admissions Coordinator - Nursing
November 2009

Her Story by Karen Libman
Associate Professor
School of Communication
January 27, 2010

Her Story by Connie Dang
Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs
March 25, 2010

Her Story by Michelle Coffill
Communication Specialist and Editor
News and Information Services
April 13, 2010

Her Story by Patty Schneider
Seidman Dean's Office
October 13, 2010 

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