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ZZ Faculty/Staff Writing Groups

We support faculty and staff working on any writing projects--articles, book manuscripts, or dissertations--by organizing Faculty/Staff Writing Groups. These groups typically meet 1-2 times a month to share drafts of their writing with each other for feedback. It is up to the group to decide how often they'll meet, on what days/times, and for how long (typically, a group offers feedback on two articles/chapters per meeting).

If you'd like to join a Writing Group, please contact the Fred Meijer Center for Writing at 331-2922.

Why might you join a group? This article by Friend & Gonzalez in AAUP's publication Academe lists many reasons!

The Center is currently developing additional programming to support faculty and staff in their writing projects. If there is a particular kind of support you would like made available to you, please send your suggestions our way!