Exam week hours (Dec 12-15)

Date: December 7, 2011

The Writing Center has slightly different hours of operation during exam week (Dec 12-16).

Allendale - LOH 120
Sunday December 11th 3pm - 8pm
Monday December 12th 9am - 5pm
Tuesday December 13th 9am - 5pm
Wednesday December 14th 9am - 11am; 1pm - 5pm
Thursday December 15th 9am - 5pm

Pew/Downtown - Student Study Area Building C
Monday December 12th 2pm - 5pm
Tuesday December 13th 2pm - 5pm
Wednesday December 14th 2pm - 5pm
Thursday December 15th 2pm - 5pm

Online - Blackboard IM
Monday December 12th: 8pm - 12am
Tuesday December 13th: 9pm - 12am
Wednesday December 14th: 8pm - 12am

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