Writing Center Fast Facts


  • During the 2010-2011 academic year, we conducted over 10,400 one-to-one consultations with writers across the university.
  • A recent assessment revealed that students are just as apt to work with writing consultants on content, organization, and development issues as grammar and mechanics.
  • Writing consultants work with students one-to-one or in small groups on a weekly basis in all first-year writing classrooms--WRT 098 and WRT 150.
  • The top 10 disciplines (other than English and writing) from which we saw student writers in 2008-2009:
    • Communications
    • History
    • Liberal Studies
    • Business
    • Nursing
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology
    • Public Administration
    • Social Work
    • Sociology
  • Our current staff includes writing consultants majoring in nursing, history, cell and molecular biology, international business, journalism, advertising and public relations, psychology, writing, English, music--and more!
  • Our staff includes:
55 undergraduate and graduate peer writing consultants
3 graduate consultants (three of whom are full-time graduate assistants)
4 student receptionists
1 full-time COT-3
1 full-time assistant director (AP)
1 half-time faculty director (tenured Associate Professor)
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Page last modified September 12, 2011