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Promoting Interprofessional Education for Students (PIPES)

Three students work together to treat an infant manikin.


The student organization PIPES (Promoting Interprofessional Education for Students) will provide students with the opportunity to learn how to work with other health professions. The organization will assume responsibility for contributing to interprofessional education in order to provide the highest quality health care and provide health professions students with a venue in which students from each of the health professions can share important topics and concepts to better understand other health care professions. This organization will aid in the development of his/her professional role and will provide volunteer opportunities in the community.

For more information regarding this group, please contact Ashley West at (616) 331-5667 or

Interprofessional Education (IPE): Pathway to Improving Health Care

Interprofessional simulation prepares students for successful careers in the health industry because they learn about all aspects of health care, not just those related to their field of study. By conducting and observing simulations with individuals from other fields, students learn how to work collaboratively, promote patient safety, and use resources efficiently.

The Simulation Center offers simulation events to a wide variety of students from various academic programs, including: nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic recreation, physician assistant studies, and radiology. Additionally, students from surrounding area universities, health care professionals, and other organizations are also able to take advantage of the facilities and technology offered at the Simulation Center.