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ROTC Partnership

Grand Valley State University's agreement with the Reserve Officer’s Training Corp program at Western Michigan University provides the opportunity for students to take 1 to 3 credit hours per semester of military science courses through Western Michigan’s Grand Rapids location. ROTC students will also participate in Physical Training at least 3 days per week with other GVSU ROTC cadets. 

Benefits of ROTC:

  • Gain valuable leadership experience
  • Receive additional tuition assistance
  • Earn your undergraduate degree while preparing for an officer career in the United States Army
  • If currently in the National Guard or Army Reserves, ROTC member has opportunity to drill with current unit at E-5 pay while shadowing current officer leadership

Eligibility for ROTC:

  • Must have at least 4 full semesters remaining at GVSU (for Junior and Senior level and Master’s Students).  Summer semester do not count as ROTC requires some summer training requirements
  • May enter at Junior level if student already has past military experience or already accomplished basic training
  • Must be free of legal restrictions, no major physical ailments that would prevent military service
  • Must be a US citizen

Commitment after completing ROTC program:

  • If selected for Active duty, you will serve full time in the active Army for 3 years (4 years for scholarship winners)
  • If selected or you choose for Reserve Duty, you may choose to serve part time the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard while pursuing a civilian career for 6 years (8 years for scholarship winners)

If the Army ROTC program sounds like a good fit for you, please contact:

Primary point of contact is:                                                                           Brett Johnson, GS
ROTC Scholarship and Enrollment Officer
Western Michigan University

Email: brett.johnson@wmich.edu,

Secondary point of contact is:                                                                     Major Eric Dillman, ROTC                                                                                     Assistant Professor of Military Science


Department of Military Science and Leadership
Western Michigan University
Grand Rapids - North Campus
2333 E Beltline Ave SE (Beltline Campus)
200 Ionia Ave SW (Downtown Campus)
O: 616-771-9496

Email: eric.dillman@wmich.edu

For additional information, visit Western Michigan University's ROTC page at: www.wmich.edu/rotc


Page last modified March 3, 2015