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ITA Implements Organizational Changes to Offer Better Client Services

Date: November 11, 2013

By: Mary Trupo, ITA

WASHINGTON – Today [October 17, 2013], the International Trade Administration (ITA) announced that it has fully implemented its first major organizational change in more than 30 years. The change reflects ITA’s adaptation to the evolution of global markets, technology, and competition.

“Just as companies must change and adapt to ensure they provide cost-effective, high-quality products and services that meet the demands of their clients, so too must government agencies adapt to continuously improve their performance and make the best use of scarce public funds,” Under Secretary for International Trade Francisco Sánchez said. “In this process, ITA’s objectives were to capitalize on our strengths and identify opportunities for innovation and to reduce inefficiencies and improve communication across the organization. I believe we accomplish this through our new organizational structure.”

ITA’s reorganization consolidates its four business divisions into three more efficient and functionally aligned units.  The new units are Global Markets, Industry and Analysis, and Enforcement and Compliance.


Learn more about these three divisions and read the full article here! 

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