USETI Final Report w/Recommendations

Executive Summary

In March 2014, ECS appointed the Universal Student Evaluation of Teaching Implementation Task Force (USETI).  USETI was charged to make recommendations on a standardized instrument to collect student feedback on teaching, and on policy matters regarding student evaluations of teaching.  During the first six months of its work, USETI members read broadly from the literature on student evaluations and reviewed several nationally-available instruments.  It ultimately brought two possibilities to ECS for consideration.  By November 2014, IASystem, developed and made available by the University of Washington, was selected by ECS, UAS, and the Provost’s office to be used at Grand Valley.

With the selection of a universal instrument, USETI then turned to develop recommendations on the delivery and implementation of the system, and the use of the results in personnel and merit evaluation decisions.  Three rounds of recommendations on these matters were sent to ECS from USETI.  Some of the recommendations dealt with the timing of evaluations, the expectation that evaluations will be completed in-class through an online system in order to maximize response rates, the management of the system, and the weight and use of information from the system in faculty evaluation. Nearly all recommendations were approved by ECS and UAS as written, although two of the recommendations relating to personnel matters were changed, one substantially.

In developing their recommendations, USETI sought the input of campus stakeholders, including Unit Heads and college personnel committees, and student input on the task force was critical during deliberations.  USETI also oversaw a successful pilot of the system conducted with the Department of Statistics during Winter semester 2015.

All colleges will complete student evaluations of teaching using IASystem, starting with Winter 2016 courses, using approved procedures.  On our campus, the system will be called LIFT (Laker Impressions of Faculty Teaching). The implementation of the LIFT system is a big step towards modernizing the use of student input in faculty evaluations.

Follow this link to read the final report from the USETI taskforce, which includes all recommendations that were approved by ECS and UAS.  If you have any questions, contact Edward Aboufadel in the Provost's office.

Page last modified December 13, 2015