GVSU's Universal Student Evaluation of Teaching Implementation Task Force

USETI was appointed during Winter 2014 by GVSU's Executive Committee of the Senate to make specific recommendations to implement the following UAS motion that was approved on January 31, 2014:

The university should adopt a standardized measure of student evaluations of faculty teaching that meets contemporary standards for reliability and validity in psychometric measurement. The measure should yield both quantitative and qualitative results. The university should also adopt a standardized platform for administration of the measure (e.g., online software). The measure and platform should be used in all units and colleges. Units and colleges may employ additional instruments separately from the university standard.

USETI is charged to make recommendations for (A) policies regarding SETs to be used across the university, (B) a standardized measure to be used across the university, and (C) an implementation plan. 

Based on reports from USETI during Fall Semester 2014, on November 21, 2014 UAS passed the following motion:

The University Academic Senate directs USETI to develop implementation plans for the IASystem, using as many of the forms in that system that makes sense, and seeking input from stakeholders on campus.

USETI has developed recommendations on implementation that were sent to ECS/UAS during 2015.  The first round were approved by both bodies during Winter semester 2015.  The second round of recommendation were approved by both bodies in September 2015.  The third round of recommendations, with revisions, were approved during November 2015.  A final report was posted in December 2015.

Starting with Winter 2016 courses, using UAS approved procedures, all colleges will complete student perception surveys of teaching using the Laker Impressions of Faculty Teaching (LIFT) system, powered by IASystem.

Page last modified December 13, 2015