Risk Management

Foreign Travel FAQ's

  1. Are we covered by insurance?

Yes, the University has purchased a Foreign Package Program that covers several areas of liability and travel assistance services.

Foreign General Liability
Foreign Property
Foreign Automobile Liability
Foreign Workers’ Compensation
Travel Accident and Sickness
Travel Emergency Assistance

Let’s focus on the Travel Accident and Sickness portion of the coverage. Our coverage is secondary in nature so you must have coverage of your own and every participant is required to show proof of medical insurance coverage to participate in overseas programs.

For students and non-employees this means family medical coverage, a student health plan and/or the purchase of the ISIC card through Student Services.

For Faculty and Staff, the University’s Health care programs cover while traveling overseas.  In addition if there is an injury while traveling on University Business the Foreign Package includes workers compensation.

The Accident and Sickness portion of our Foreign package will cover should for some reason other coverage has not been provided. In that sense it is stop gap coverage.

There is also assistance available for medically required evacuation and repatriation of remains.

  1. Are we covered when we rent or drive vehicles?

You are covered for the use of Hired, Rented, & Non-Owned Vehicles. You are covered for

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damages Caused By An Accident, including Legal Liability Protection against Third Party Lawsuits
  • Physical Damage Insurance- (comprehensive or collision)

This coverage is secondary to any other coverage that is in place so you must Purchase all maximum coverage that is available from the local foreign country

  1. Is personal liability part of the coverage?

Yes. The Foreign Commercial General Liability portion of the package covers the faculty, staff, students and other authorized travelers for Bodily Injury and Property Damages Caused by an Occurrence overseas. It includes coverage for Legal Liability Protection, Third Party Lawsuits and it provides defense in such instances. The Lawsuits brought in the country where the loss took place not in the US.

  1. If we or our students have a problem while abroad what do we do?

You should call the Padnos International Center contact for all emergency situations.

Through the travel assistance portion of our program you have access to services such as the usual Pre-travel information, Currency rates, Weather/climate information.  There is also assistance available to help you with

  • Medical & legal referrals
  • Medical case management
  • Shipment of medical records or prescription medication
  • Emergency telephone interpretation
  • Help with lost luggage
  • Emergency cash

You will receive a WorldRisk Assistance Card with the contact information for accessing these services.

  1. Do we have coverage for university property?

Yes. We have property coverage for equipment and other property taken overseas.  Losses are subject to a deductible that the university funds.

  1. What happens if we have to cancel because of events beyond our control?

Under the Property portion of the program we have coverage for Deposit Fee Reimbursement and Study Abroad tuition Fee Reimbursement.  In both instances a crisis event that results in evacuation and or cancellation of a program is required to trigger coverage.

A crisis event is a natural disaster such as the earthquake in Japan or a political emergency such as the uprisings in Egypt.

  1. If we have non employees/students traveling with us, are they covered under this insurance program?

They are if they have been authorized by the University to travel as a part of the particular program.

  1. Are we covered no matter which country?

We are covered for any country that we are authorized to travel.  Some countries are excluded or restricted due to US law.  Any violations of US law voids coverage and may result in uninsurable fines or penalty.

For example there is a travel restriction on Cuba.  However as long as we obtain the appropriate approvals from the State Department we can travel to that country and we will have coverages in place. 

  1. What if I travel for personal pleasure either before or after the college program?

The same travel assistance programs are available to you while traveling personally before or after the end of a University sanctioned program. You can access the services just as you would for University travel.

      10.  How do I get assistance, how do I use the program?

As indicated earlier, you will receive a WorldRisk Assistance Card with the contact information for accessing these services.

Page last modified September 7, 2012