Risk Management

Campus ConneXions

Welcome to GVSU Campus Connexions, a web-based platform offering a host of insurance products and services for you to consider.  It is a service made available by the Office of Risk Management for the convenience of the campus community including visitors and users of our facilities.  It provides access to insurance products and services in a simple, easy-to-navigate environment. 

Students/Parents Insurance

Are you looking for alternatives for health insurance, renter's insurance, tuition coverage, overseas travel, etc.? You can use Campus ConneXions to obtain such products.

Faculty/Staff Insurance

The University's general liability insurance covers you while you are acting in the course and scope of your University employment.  But what about when you're acting as an individual, including occasions when you use campus space for a personal event, such as a wedding at the the Kirkhof Center or a slide show of your vacation in a general assignment classroom? What about non-university events you may be involved with your church or child's school that use other facilities such as schools, churches, other college campuses, banquet halls, etc.? You can use Campus ConneXions to obtain insurance coverage for such instances.

Visitors and Users of Campus Facilities

The use of GVSU campus facilities requires the user to have insurance coverage in place and name the University as an additional insured. You can use Campus ConneXions to obtain the coverage you will need.

Campus Connections is intended to be totally voluntary.  GVSU does not warrant the reliability, quality or effectiveness of any products or services offered, nor does it imply an endorsement of the views, information or products provided by this referral service. All transactions, communications and administration of the insurance products and services are strictly between the user and the service providers. GVSU does not benefit financially in any way from this referral service. For more information or to enroll, click here and select Grand Valley State University form the drop down menu.

Page last modified November 27, 2012