University Compliance

Sponsored Programs (Grants)


Office of Sponsored Programs - Administration

University Compliance Network Contact:

Michael Gouin-Hart, Director Office of Sponsored Programs, x16868

Representative Compliance Areas:

Regulatory oversight, contract and sub-awards, acceptance and processing of awards, grant administration, interpretation of guidelines, requirements and terms and conditions, effort reporting, cost sharing, allowable costs, export control, required training

Helpful Resources:

A unit of the Center for Scholarly & Creative Excellence, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) "serves as the University's central office that supports faculty and staff in the identification, development, submission, and administration of externally sponsored agreements for scholarly research and creative activity."  The OSP website provides a comprehensive resource for materials related to grants at GVSU, including:

  • Cayuse/Routing
  • Finding Funding
  • Submitting a Proposal
  • Managing an Award
  • Compliance

Sponsored Programs - Accounting

University Compliance Network Contact:

Pam Brenzing, Controller, x13490

Representative Compliance Areas:

Monitoring post-award financial management and compliance, required billings and financial reports, monitoring subrecipients, Facilities and Administrative proposal, audit coordination, regulatory oversight.

Helpful Resources:

Office of Sponsored Programs staff and principal investigators work closely with Business & Finance accountants to ensure the protection of financial integrity and successful financial management of award funding, in compliance with Federal provisions and accepted accounting practices.  The Grants Accounting website furnishes principal investigators and related staff with necessary guidance for properly managing the accounting aspect of grants and other sponsored agreements:

  • Forms and Policies
  • Post-Award Financial Management
  • Federal Regulations
  • Reports & Other Information
  • Training


Page last modified October 4, 2016