University Compliance

Questions & Concerns

Compliance "success" encompasses more than being aware of and implementing our legal and policy obligations.  We continue the compliance initiative by maintaining a culture in which faculty, staff, students and visitors:

 - feel comfortable asking questions

 - are able to report potential problems without fear of retribution

 - do not hesitate to make suggestions for improving the compliance program

Coming forward with questions, concerns or suggestions is another valuable way to honor our institutional commitment to acting with integrity and to provide service to the University community.  The Michigan Whistleblowers' Protection Act is available for review on the Human Resources Office site.

Asking Questions

Supervisors/unit heads are knowledgeable about compliance obligations specific to their operations and will be best able to help employees with questions concerning the routine implementation of compliance requirements in their area.

For assistance with compliance items pertaining to other operational areas, consult the appropriate University Compliance Network member, or refer to contacts provided on Resources by Subject Matter pages of this website.

Contact the Assistant Vice President for Compliance with questions about the institutional compliance program, or to help identify appropriate compliance contacts and information.

Reporting Emergencies

To request emergency assistance, to report a crime in progress, or if there is an imminent threat to life or property, CALL 911 !!!!!

Additional information about the appropriate use of 911 is available on the Public Safety website.

Reporting Non-Emergency Compliance Concerns

It's not always easy to determine whether an issue is a compliance concern requiring specialized investigation.  Compliance misconduct is not the same as a "routine" complaint that may be handled through normal administrative channels.  In general, there may be a compliance problem if an incident/action:

  • Appears to violate Federal, State or local laws or regulations
  • May result in GVSU non-compliance with requirements set for us by an external agency
  • Is not consistent with University-wide policies
  • Conflicts with the University commitment to ethical behavior

When in doubt, report a potential problem.  Remember that compliance is everyone's responsibility and we must work together to effectively address, investigate and resolve issues.  it is important and helpful for you to share good faith concerns about possible misconduct and violations. 


1.  The first step in reporting a potential compliance problem is bringing it to the attention of your immediate supervisor.  If you are uncomfortable going to your supervisor or have done so but believe the issue still exists, discuss your concern with the individual to whom your supervisor reports.

2.  If you need assistance from a compliance specialist, consult the chart of University Compliance Network members to determine an appropriate contact, or review the "Reporting Resources by Subject Matter" section below.

3.  Submit a concern via GVSU Anonymous Reporting.

3.  Contact the Assistant Vice President for Compliance (616-331-2067) if you need help deciding where to direct a report, or if you are uncomfortable discussing the concern with an operational department.

Reporting Resources by Subject Matter

ADA/Access and Accommodations:  Contact the ADA Compliance Officer:

  • Division of Inclusion and Equity 616-331-2

Care of Laboratory Animals:  The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) provides oversight for animal research activities and individuals with concerns in this area should contact the Committee Chair.

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 616-331-8707

Criminal Activity:  Contact Public Safety Services-Allendale or Pew Campus Security-Pew Campus/Regional Centers.

  • Public Safety Services 616-331-3255
  • Pew Campus Security 616-331-6677

Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct:  Refer to the Grand Valley Manual for applicable policy guidance on filing a discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct complaint, or reporting a bias incident.  These documents also list University offices serving as primary sources of assistance for these areas.  .

  • Division of Inclusion and Equity 616-331-3296
  • Affirmative Action/EEO 616-331-3296
  • TITLE IX Coordinator, 616-331-9530

Employment:  University employment handbooks and union contracts include the administrative process applicable for reporting, discussing and resolving employment issues. Student employees can find similar direction in the Student Employee Handbook.  The initial contact for most employment issues will be an immediate supervisor or the head of a college/department   

  • Human Resources Office 616-331-2215 

Environmental Safety and Health:  Contact the Safety Manager with concerns regarding environmental and workplace safety.

  • Facilities Services Safety Management 616-331-3083

Financial Aid:  For issues related to financial aid compliance, contact the Director of Financial Aid.

  • Financial Aid Office 616-331-3234

Financial Management and Accounting Practices:  Contact the University Controller or the Associate Vice President for Business & Finance.

  • Business and Finance Office 616-331-2831

Health Compliance (Academic Programs):  The Health Compliance Officer specializes in compliance related to academic health programs.

  • Health Compliance.616-331-5867

Human Subjects Research:  The Human Research Review Committee (HRRC) functions as the Institutional Review Board, and the Committee Chair is the initial contact for complaints related to research involving human subjects.

  • Human Research Review Committee 616-331-3197

Information Technology and Security:  The Director of Information Technology oversees information technology and security.

  • Information Technology 616-331-2035

Laboratory Safety: Report related concerns related to the Lab Safety Specialist.

  • Laboratory Safety Office 616-331-8628

NCAA Compliance and Eligibility/Title IX-Athletics: Report athletic compliance concerns to The Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance.

  • Athletic Compliance 616-331-3178

Payment Card Industry Compliance:  Contact the Director of Information Technology or any other member of the senior IT management staff.

  • Office of Information Technology 616-331-2035

Protected Health Information (HIPAA): The Associate Vice President for Human Resources is the HIPAA Officer for the institution.

  • Human Resources 616-331-2215

Sponsored Programs (Grants):  The Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs is the primary contact for concerns related to externally sponsored agreements.

  • Office of Sponsored Programs 616-331-6826

Student Educational Records (FERPA):  The Registrar serves as the GVSU FERPA Officer.

  • Registrar's Office 616-331-3327

Title IX Coordinator:  For assistance with Title IX questions or concerns, contact the Title IX Coordinator:

  •  Theresa Rowland, 616-331-9530
Title IX Coordinator
4035 JHZ

University Compliance:  For assistance in determining the appropriate reporting mechanism, contact the Assistant Vice President for Compliance.

  • University Compliance 616-331-2067





























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