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Inclusion and Equity Division

"The Inclusion and Equity Division's mission is to provide a rich, inclusive, learning, and working environment that attracts, retains, and supports a diverse community of students, staff, and faculty."  Resources and materials available on Division web pages include those below.

Vice President's Office

GVSU Contact:

Jesse Bernal, Vice President Inclusion and Equity, x13296

Representative Compliance Areas:

The Division of Inclusion and Equity homepage provides easy access to information about Title IX, Affirmative Action, Inclusion Initiatives, Disability Support Resources and other information and resources.


Title IX:  Theresa Rowland, Interim Equity Officer & Title IX Coordinator, x19530

The Title IX section of the Inclusion and Equity Division website contains contact information for the Title IX Coordinator and includes incident reporting forms and resources.

Division of Inclusion and Equity Website

The "Help Me Find Information About" section at the center of the homepage makes it easy for students, faculty and staff to readily access important materials including:

  • Advocate/Champion Application
  • Bias Incident Form
  • Disability Self-Identification Form
  • How to file a Complaint
  • Religious Accommodation Form
  • Report Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault
  • Student Accessibility Accommodations
  • Student Accessibility Housing
  • Student Accessibility Transportation
  • Title IX Information
  • Veteran Self-Identification Form

Disability Support Resources

University Compliance Network Contact:

Kathleen VanderVeen, Division of Inclusion and Equity Assistant Vice President, x12490

Representative Compliance Areas:

ADA regulatory compliance, facility accessibility, student accommodations, equal educational access, required recordkeeping, workplace accommodations.

Helpful Resources:

Disability Support Resources serves faculty, staff, and students by striving to "provide support services and accommodations that enhance the environment for people with disabilities, and to help educate the university community on disability related issues."  Many resources are published on the Disability Support Resources website, including:

  • Brochure
  • Registering for Disability Support Resources
  • Video Tutorials
  • Forms and Procedures
  • Assistive Technology
  • Van Service
  • Learning specialist
  • Resources

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