University Compliance

Facilities and Environmental Protection

Facilities Planning

University Compliance Network Contact:

James Moyer, Associate Vice President Facilities Planning, x13843

Representative Compliance Areas:

Building design, construction, renovation and remodeling, conservation and protection of University assets, facility accessibility, building codes, life safety codes, stormwater management, environmental protection, master planning.

Helpful Resources:

The Facilities Planning department oversees design, construction, renovation and remodeling operations for the University and provides the following documents on their website:

  • GVSU Approach to Design & Construction Services
  • GVSU Planning & Design Standards
  • 2015 Pre-Qualification Form
  • Use and Finance Reports
  • Capital Outlay Plans and Requests

Facilities Services

University Compliance Network Contact:

Tim Thimmesch, Associate Vice President Facilities Services, x13848

Representative Compliance Areas:

Allendale facilities use and operation, conservation and protection of University assets, building codes, life safety codes, energy and engineering, environmental protection, facility accessibility, environmental health and safety, waste management, workplace safety.

Helpful Resources:

Facilities Services includes custodial, grounds, maintenance, environmental safety, waste disposal, recycling, energy management, mail and University Motor Pool operations.  Additional detail about these operations is available on the departmental website, including:

  • Departments
  • Staff Members
  • FAQ
  • Key Requests
  • Motorpool/Rentals
  • Customer Service
  • Miss Dig

*Also see Environmental Safety & Health compliance page.

Pew Campus Operations & Regional Centers

University Compliance Network Contact:

Lisa Haynes, Assistant Vice President Pew Campus Operations & Regional Centers, x16700

Representative Compliance Areas:

Facilities use and operation for Pew Campus, Holland and Muskegon facilities, conservation and protection of University assets, building codes, life safety codes, environmental protection, facility accessibility, waste management, environmental health and safety, workplace safety, bus transportation system.

Helpful Resources:

The Pew Campus Operations & Regional Centers website includes information about building hours, protocols and operations at the GVSU Grand Rapids, Holland and Muskegon facilities, as well as the University bus service:

  • Keys and Card Access
  • Transportation
  • Energy, Heating & Cooling
  • Building Protocols
  • Parking
  • Recycling
  • Pew Campus Buildings
  • Building Hours
  • Contractor FAQ - Pew Campus

Refer also to the Pew Campus Security website.


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