University Compliance

Compliance Program Structure

The objective of the Legal, Compliance and Risk Management Division is to assist the University, through its representatives, in achieving its mission by operating with integrity and respect for the legal and regulatory environment while effectively managing institution risk.  (GVSU Administrative Manual, Ch. 10)

President's Cabinet

The President's Cabinet requests and receives updates on university compliance efforts, reviews the annual report on compliance activities, approves university-wide policies, allocates resources and ensures that the institutional compliance program is effective in promoting and implementing a culture of commitment to ethical and lawful conduct.  The President's Cabinet:

  • Thomas J. Haas, President
  • Jesse M. Bernal, Vice President for Inclusion and Equity
  • Lynn M. Blue, Vice President for Enrollment Development
  • Thomas A. Butcher, Vice President and General Counsel
  • Brian Copeland, Associate Vice President for Business and Finance; Treasurer, Board of Trustees
  • Gayle R. Davis, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
  • Teri L. Losey, Executive Associate to the President; Secretary, Board of Trustees
  • Karen M. Loth, Vice President for Development
  • Matthew E. McLogan, Vice President for University Relations
  • James Moyer, Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning
  • Scott Richardson, Acting Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Eileen Sullivan, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Legal, Compliance & Risk Management Division:  Compliance Oversight

Under the direction of the Vice President and General Counsel, the Compliance Office serves as the coordinating office for communication about and oversight of mission-critical compliance activities by the responsible offices at the university.  The university exercises and promotes management accountability by maintaining and continuously improving its legal compliance framework and processes, and reporting on compliance activities.  Compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations are administered through a system of shared responsibility of designated faculty and staff and their respective appointing officers and vice presidents.  (GVSU Administrative Manual, Ch. 10)

  • Tom Butcher, Vice President and General Counsel
  • Donna Markus, Assistant Vice President for Compliance

University Compliance Network

The University Compliance Network consists of faculty and staff designated as subject matter experts in key compliance areas, holding day-to-day operational responsibility for compliance activities.  Network members share information and report on compliance matters.  Members are listed below.  Consult the Directory for applicable compliance subject areas and contact information.

All Faculty, Staff and Students

All faculty, staff and students have a role in supporting the fundamental, institutional commitment to compliance.  As members of the GVSU community, we hold responsibility for understanding and honoring that commitment, acting in compliance with laws and policies, completing required training, asking questions, reporting concerns and offering suggestions for continued improvement in the compliance program.








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