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Cheryl Boudreaux is a Photographer/Sociologist

Assistant Professor Cheryl Boudreaux of the Sociology Department received her PhD from Brandeis University in 1993 with a dissertation on women's spirituality and feminist transformations of consciousness. She teaches Death and Dying, Families in Society, and Love, Sex, and Gender. She has served two terms as the elected president of the Michigan Sociological Association (MSA) and is an active member of the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP). Professor Boudreaux is a photographer/sociologist that sees images as a significant part of the social construction of reality. She is the Chair of the Family Division for the Society for the Study of Social Problems and served as the vice president of the SSSP organization in 2008-2009. 

Boudreaux’s research and theories of transformation inform her teaching in sociology as well as her advocacy and interest in working toward social justice.  She has given papers on images of death and dying and terrorism, race consciousness in health and illness, and marriage.  Through these papers,  Boudreaux attempts to understand transforming social consciousness.  Recent working papers include:  "Teaching About the Family," “Why Marriage:  Is Marriage Worth Fighting For?” “The Art of Death in Everyday Life,” “Images of Death and Dying in an Age of Terrorism,” and “The Pernicious Affects of Race Consciousness in Health and Illness.” 


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