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Sue Sloop Giving Story

Many faculty and staff members consider Grand Valley State University their family, but Sue Sloop has a special connection. Sloop, a human resources and work life consultant for Grand Valley, has had family ties to the university for generations.

In 1976, Sloop’s husband graduated from Grand Valley. A few years later, Sloop herself earned her teaching certificate post bachelor’s. Her son graduated from Grand Valley in 2009 and her daughter earned her master’s from the university. Currently, Sloop has two nephews attending Grand Valley. “It makes me proud. I’m part of a growing university, a growing family, and my family is a part of it,” she said.

Having been involved with Grand Valley for over 30 years, Sloop has learned that the university is always planning for success in the future. “This university supports a culture of growing both personally and professionally and is continuously making steps to better the place,” she said. “It’s becoming more diverse.”

Sloop understands the importance of giving back, especially as a university staff member. “Giving back is not only supporting students, but also showing support for the university and education,” she said. “Education is the key to impacting and improving society, and by giving back I am able to help create a better future.”

 A college education is not something that everyone can easily afford and Sloop wants to help those who may not have the resources to further their education. “So many students deserve the opportunity to get an education and don’t get it because they cannot afford it,” Sloop said. “And education is so important.”

Grand Valley has had such a positive impact on the Sloop family and they hope to help future generations at the university. “We really are all one community here,” she said, “and to have my family benefit from GVSU and be a part of such an amazing community family is just something that can’t ever be replaced.”


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