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Assessment Process

Beginning in Sep 2017, all reporting of student outcomes* will occur through the new site, GVAssess. The new system provides close integration with GVPlan and eliminates the need for units to compile and submit a separate report to UAC. Instead, units will update their findings in GVAssess annually, and UAC members will review the information in the site and provide feedback when the unit is up for review. All reporting and feedback will be contained in the site. 

The GVAssess User Guide is available.

*Student outcomes are statements that describe what all students should know or be able to do at the end of the program. For academic units, student outcomes are referred to as Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs); for co-curricular or service units, they are referred to as Student Centered Outcomes (SCOs).

Transition to GVAssess

  • Stage 1: In September and October 2017, the Provost's office pre-populated each unit's GVAssess site with program names, archived WEAVEOnline reports, past UAC memos, and other historical documents.
  • Stage 2: By Dec. 31, 2017, all units will enter the student outcomes for their program(s) into GVAssess. (Note: Strategic planning outcomes were entered into GVPlan last year).

Programs with reports due Dec. 31, 2017 have additional expectations. See below.

  • Stage 3: By May 20, 2018, all units should have their full assessment plan entered into GVAssess. We recommend units add these in stages throughout 2017-18, updating the plan whenever new assessment data is collected and analyzed. 
    • An assessment plan consists of student outcomes, objectives, and measures. 
    • Each measure includes details such as targets/thresholds, where/when/how assessed, responsible party, etc.

The GVAssess User Guide describes the steps for entering an assessment plan.

For programs with assessment reports due 12/31/17:

GVAssess was launched in October 2017, and units have the rest of the 2017-18 academic year to fully enter their assessment plans into GVAssess. However, units with assessment reports due on 12/31/17 will need to complete some of the work early. In particular, these units should: 

  1. Complete Stage 1 (above).
  2. Complete Stage 2 to add objectives and measures only for the student outcomes you assessed in the last two years.
  3. Add data reporting for each measure with data from the last two years.

The GVAssess User Guide describes the steps for adding data reporting in GVAssess.

Ongoing Assessment

Regular progress updates and data reporting

  • All units should use GVAssess to update assessment results for each program on an ongoing basis (at least annually). Ideally, units should add data reporting whenever new assessment results are collected and analyzed.
  • All units should use GVPlan to record progress updates on strategic plan outcomes (at least annually) by adding data reporting for relevant metrics. 

Every two years: Prepare for UAC review

  • UAC reviews the assessment activities in GVAssess and GVPlan according to the quarterly review cycle (webpage | pdf).
    • Units receive automatic notifications for upcoming reviews at 4 months and 2 months ahead of the due date.
    • This process ensures UAC reviews and provides feedback on all units' assessment activities at least once every two years.
  • Prior to the review deadline stated in the notification email, units should ensure that all data reporting is up-to-date in GVAssess. 
  • Offline versions of the UAC review rubrics may be useful as units refine their assessment activities. 

Quarterly Review Cycle

Quarterly review cycle chart

Expectations for Student Outcomes Assessment

How many SLOs/SCOs should be assessed? The answer depends on what combination of majors, emphasis areas, and certificate programs a unit has: 

  • Majors/Programs: Units normally assess 2-4 core SLOs/SCOs per year for each major/program for a total of 8-10 SLOs across the 6-year strategic planning cycle.
    • These are outcomes common to all who graduate with a given major.
  • Emphases: Units normally assess 1 additional SLO per emphasis in each major during a 2-year review cycle.
    • The emphasis SLO describes a learning outcome uniquely associated with the emphasis.
  • Certificates: Units normally assess 2 additional SLOs per certificate program during each 2 year review cycle.
    • The certificate SLOs describe learning outcomes common to all who receive the certificate.

Units are encouraged to consider incorporating the General Education SLOs and rubrics into their assessment plans where it makes sense to do so. 

Assessment updates presentation (2017)

Presentation Screenshot

Assessment Updates Presentation 
by Chris Plouff and Jon Hasenbank
FTLC Teaching and Learning Conference
Fall 2017


Everyone is encouraged to visit UAC's Assessment Resources page, especially those involved most directly with assessment completion and assessment review.

Advising Centers

Advising Centers Assessment Template (for reports DUE in Dec 2016 and May 2017)

Academic year 2016-17 was the first year in which Advising Centers were expected to submit assessment reports. All were due December 7, 2016, to be submitted via your College's unique Blackboard Content Collection link.

Self-Study Reports

Expectation: There will be an annual update of progress on Strategic Plan objectives in GVPlan, our new strategic planning site.
See the "How-To" Report Progress Made on Objectives within Strategic Plan for instructions

A simplified cumulative self-study report will be due every 5-6 years (per posted schedule) with additional reflective questions appearing in GVPlan.