University Assessment Committee

Assessment Definitions

Assessment - the process of seeking, evaluating, reflecting upon data, and making changes in order to foster continuous improvement of student academic learning and achievement.

Assessment plan - formal developmental process for measuring student learning outcomes including data collection and analysis procedures.

Assessment report - the formal three-year report on student learning outcomes submitted to the University Assessment Committee (UAC).

Self Study - the formal six-year report to GVSU administration focusing on unit function and performance.

Program - any major course of study that results in a degree.

Emphasis - area of study within a program listed by GVSU academic records.

Unit - smallest academic organization recognized by university budgeting.

Appointing officer - individual responsible for personnel and program decisions.

Goal - an achievable outcome; goals are not measurable.

Objective - a measurable action or outcome that will be a step in accomplishing a goal.

Measure - an instrument used to assess a student action or outcome of the stated objective.

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