Additional Tuition Charges for Undergraduate Students

Some Grand Valley State University colleges, schools, and departments carry an additional tuition charge per credit hour to offset the higher costs in those particular areas.

Additional Tuition Charges (300 LEVEL AND ABOVE UNLESS NOTED)

Honors (200 level and above)
International Studies

Art & Design
School of Computing
Allied Health
Health Information Management
Occupational Safety and Health
Therapeutic Recreation

Cell & Molecular Bio (200 level and above)
Seidman College of Business
School of Engineering (200 level and above)
Medical Lab Science
Nursing (200 level and above)
Radiologic & Imaging Sciences
Speech and Language Pathology (200 level and above)

There is a $30 additional tuition charge per course for lab courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in science, math, and health, with the exception of general education courses. Lab courses with the following prefixes are included: ATH, BIO, BMS, CHM, CMB, GEO, MTH, NRM, PHY, and STA.