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Measure for Measure, 2016

Spotlights Import 12/20/13

Sara Vasquez

Sara Vasquez

In 2010-11, she served as the Stage Management Intern at Lexington Children's Theatre (LCT) in Lexington, Kentucky. She fell in love with the theatre and the staff and so after taking the summer off, she returned this season (2011-12) as the Directing and Performance Journeyman. In August and September, she assistant directed two touring productions and also served as Rehearsal Stage Manager "Old Jake's Skirts" and "The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe. LCT just opened "The Boxcar Children today" which is a main stage professional production involving adults and young people that will travel to several regional venues next month, after the in-house run. She is also currently teaching two classes, both with students ages 6-8. Now that her current show has opened, Sara will be joining rehearsals as assistant to the director for the next LCT production, "Madeline's Christmas," which performs in the Lexington Opera House (a 900+ seat house). In January 2012, she will serve as assistant director for another touring show ("Tales of the Shimmering Sky") as well as DIRECTING HER OWN TOURING PRODUCTION ("Sacagawea: Discovering History")!!! (the italics and exclamation points are hers). From her: This decision was JUST recently made so its still very new and I'm incredibly excited about it :) After that I will possibly be acting in or assistant directing "There's a Boy In the Girls' Bathroom" (to be determined based on casting), and then I'll finish off my season acting in the musical "Goodnight Moon" . In all the in-between times, Sara serves as assistant to the Artistic Director so she is learning a lot about what it takes to run a theatre. She helps cast, prep for meetings, and will soon learn things like budgeting, contracting, and hiring and more. Shes also involved in special event planning, musical theatre ensembles, even more teaching and about a billion other little things. As she writes: So as you can see, I'm crazy insanely busy but loving every second of it! This is a fantastic place for me to grow as an artist and I learn so much every day. Its absolutely perfect for my life and career right now! Sara is Directing and Performance Journeyman for Lexington Childrens Theatre in Lexington, KY. Under that title she directs and is serving as artistic director on a brand new project called 3for300. She also assistant directs, performs on stage, plans special events, assists in casting and hiring, teaches classes, creates newsletters, assists the artistic director, and coordinates a million other things! A review of her most recent production, A Shimmering Sky, is at and it called her show "delightful".

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