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Theatre at GV

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night 2011

Richard III

Richard III 2012

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing 2013

Scholarships, Auditions, and Information

Theatre at Grand Valley will frequently offer auditions and workshops for upcoming productions. Please look periodically for new information for added auditions, workshops, and events.

Click here for some "Frequently-Asked Questions" about auditioning for shows at GVSU

GVSU Theatre students, check Blackboard for casting calls for film, video, and outside GVSU opportunities!


Seven student directors will culminate the semester by fully staging a series of One-Act plays, and they need exceptional actors to assist them in the challenge. This is your opportunity to work with new directors and showcase your talents for GVSU Theatre faculty, staff and students. 

Location: PAC 1506 

Performances will be during the final week of the winter semester and exam week. 

Tentative Titles and show information 

Am I Blue 

by Beth Henley 

Director: Nicole Buchmann

An offbeat comedy that details the chance meeting of two teenagers, the difficulties of growing up and the attempt to develop individuality. 

4 women, 3 men

The Game 

by Louise Bryant

Director: Robbie Bell

1 woman, 3 any gender


by Robert Schenkkan

Director: Erin Feiner

A producer and theatrical agent are fighting over who has their actor's best interest at heart while this actor is failing miserably in his role as Richard III. This play depicts the dirty politics in commercial theatre. 

1 male, 3 any gender

Midnight Rodeo 

by Mary Sue Price 

Director: Elizabeth Szubinski

A couple is on the cusp of fulfilling their dreams when the unexpected happens. They have discussed what they are going to do and the play starts the morning the decision will be put into action. While one is confident with what they have chosen to do the other is questioning it.  

1 woman, 1 man

The {Marriage} Proposal 

by Anton Chekov

Director: Tony Sanchez

A man attempts to court and propose to the love of his life, only to find out she believes he has stolen something of great value to her. In the comedic one act we explore the needs and boundaries of marriage, love, and property.

1 woman, 2 men

Forget Him 

by Harvey Fierstein

Director: Alaina Wilson

A play about the pitfalls of a gay man looking for the perfect mate. The main character wants his money back from a dating service that has fixed him up with deaf and blind date. The catch: The main character and the blind/deaf date have been together for four years.

3 Men


Director: Monica Longstreet


Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is a non-profit summer school of the arts serving more than 5,400 gifted elementary, junior high and high school students each season.  Now in our 50th year of operation, Blue Lake offers more than 200 staff positions to motivated college musicians and artists.

 We are currently in the process of hiring staff for our 2016 season (June 19 – August 21) and are searching for enthusiastic and talented college students to fill positions.  We are in need of exceptional theater arts majors.
 Members of Blue Lake’s counseling staff who serve as theater assistants have the opportunity to assist faculty in the theater department, supervise theater students during classes, collaborate and perform with other staff, and learn from professional faculty. There are also teaching positions with our elementary students available for those who qualify. Working at Blue Lake offers college students incredible experience in leadership and working with youth!
We would appreciate your help with passing the word to students at Grand Valley State University about Blue Lake and the positions available for college theater arts majors.  More information is available at:, or 1-800-221-3796. Thank you for your assistance.
 Jessica Bryant
Director of Student Services
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp - Facebook - Instagram

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is a non-profit summer school of the arts serving more than 5,400 gifted elementary, junior high and high school students each season.  Now in our 50th year of operation, Blue Lake offers more than 200 staff positions to motivated college students.
 We are currently in the process of hiring staff for our 2016 season and are searching for an enthusiastic and talented individual to fill our Assistant Production Manager position.  
The Assistant Production Manager works together with the Production Manager and Production Staff to provide technical assistance for a variety of rehearsals, performances, events, as well as secure performance facilities and equipment.  Production staff provide a clean, safe, and professional atmosphere for campers, staff, and faculty within performance venues and rehearsal facilities at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.  


  • Coordinating audio, visual, and lighting needs for multiple venues, rehearsals, and events 
  • Assisting with technical and production needs for Opera, Theater, and Dance Departments
  • Providing technical support for Blue Lake’s proscenium theater Elizabethan theater, 4000-seat outdoor amphitheater
  • Supervising a small crew of technical staff
  • Working with and learning from professional faculty

This commitment is from June 10 - August 23 with a salary up to $5,000 (based on experience) plus room, board, and extensive experienced-based opportunities.  This is an excellent opportunity for resume-building experience with supervising a staff, scheduling, and working in a variety of performance venues.

We would appreciate your help with passing the word to students at Grand Valley State University about Blue Lake and the Assistant Production Manager position.  More information is available at:, or 1-800-221-3796. Thank you for your assistance!

 Adrian Cook
Camp Director
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp - Facebook - Instagram


Shakespeare Scholarships are available for current GVSU Theatre majors and incoming freshmen and transfer students majoring in Theatre. All Shakespeare Scholarship applicants must submit an application through MyScholarships.

However, Production Assistantships and roles in the show are available for Theatre majors, minors and all non-Theatre majors and minors. All Theatre majors and minors, non-Theatre majors and minors, incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible to receive a Shakespeare Assistantship but must submit an application through MyScholarships.  Incoming freshmen and transfer students, if you are unable to access MyScholarships, please either mail or call 616-331-8176.


Looking for a great summer intern opportunity? Consider Saugatuck Center for the Arts and Mason Street Warehouse. Click here for more details and get great experience while having fun!


Cincinnati Playhouse Internships available. Please click here to see the document and how to apply!


Incoming 2016 Freshmen and Transfer Students, please contact to schedule a tour of our facility and to speak with a professor. We will be more than happy to provide you with some tickets to one of our shows if your schedule allows!


Are you wondering what sort of careers you can build as a Theatre graduate? Have you heard horror stories from school counselors or parents about turning out to be a "starving artist?"  Then read this article about from "USA TODAY" how Theatre majors jump ahead of tech graduates in landing jobs: And follow this link to learn about the 25 valuable skill sets learned by college Theatre grads that make them highly employable in  ANY field: /cms4/asset/AFE45DA6-04DB-F27F-28CEC7DBE66738E5/what_theatre_majors_learn(3).pdf

Read an article from the February 2015 Grand Rapids Business Journal about Liberal Arts a benefit to graduates with "technical skills". Click here!


Make an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime!


Current students, please be certain to check the available scholarship, directing, designing, advising, work/study, and many other opportunities.

Check our informational tabs and follow the links to the information. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel to call 616-331-8176. We want to make it as efficient as possible for you to complete your degree and maintain your graduation schedule.

The program is flexible with a strong core of theatre requirements and multiple elective offerings to allow students to pursue their own particular interests. Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.

Click here for academic information on our Theatre major.

Click here for academic information on our Theatre minor.

Theatre students study a variety of topics, including:

  • Communication
  • Costume construction
  • Directing
  • History of theatre
  • Improvisation
  • Play analysis
  • Stagecraft
  • Theatre production

Versatility is the single most important factor in obtaining work as a graduate of the drama program. Grand Valley theatre students have successfully completed programs in graduate schools and professional conservatories. They have found work in schools and recreation departments, repertory theatre companies, modern dance companies, and arts organizations as:

  • Administrators
  • Designers
  • Writers
  • Directors
  • Performers
  • Teachers
  • Technicians

Crimes of the Heart

Twelfth Night

Antona Garcia