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WRT 305 Placement

The University Academic Senate and the Provost approved a proposal from the General Education Committee to eliminate the junior-level writing requirement as of Fall 2011.

Effective beginning with the fall semester (starting with classes that begin on August 29, 2011), you will not need to satisfy the junior-level writing requirement. The requirement will be eliminated for all students enrolled in Fall 2011 and beyond. 


  • The WRT 305 course will still be available to students who wish to improve their academic writing skills. It remains a valuable learning experience.
  • The Supplemental Writing Skills (SWS) Program is outside of the purview of the GE Program.  The university requirement for SWS courses has not changed.
    • WRT 305 is not an SWS course, and really it doesn't fit the main requirement, which is that SWS courses are writing-intensive courses in particular academic disciplines. WRT 305 is a writing-skills course, not a course in another academic discipline (like Psychology, Economics, etc.)

If you have questions about this change, please email gened@gvsu.edu.



Page last modified August 24, 2011