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GVNow Success Stories

Alum's research is cover story

The January-March 2010 cover of Biochemistry, a journal published by the American Chemical Society, shows a picture of the structure of a particular enzyme. It may appear confusing to some, but not to Grand Valley alum Kyle Schneider.

From ravines research to Prague

Elizabeth Koeman's love for geology has led her to conduct innovative research with nuclear minerals.

Thum Wins Scientist of the Year

Ryan Thum, a researcher at Grand Valley's Annis Water Resources Institute, has been awarded Scientist of the Year honors by the Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society.

Study abroad leads to research

Alison McNulty does not just excel in her Grand Valley classes; her excellence abroad has allowed other students across the nation to perform undergraduate research studies at the University of Deusto.

Student gets Perrigo Fellowship

Anthony Hage has always been interested in exploring how things work and as a biomedical sciences major he is able to do this on a daily basis.

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