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Become a Tutor

The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) hires tutors for both walk-in and scheduled tutoring positions To be eligible, you must have achieved a B+ or higher in the GVSU course in which you wish to tutor, complete a general application, and provide a professor recommendation. 

1. Completed Application Form  General Tutor Application

2. Professor Recommendation Professor Recommendation Form

After the application is complete, we will contact you to setup an interview if there is a need for tutors in your area. 

The Tutoring Center has a commitment to diversity in hiring tutors.  Please contact us if you have any questions (616-331-3451). Thank you! 


In order to have the professor recommendation form completed, please ask your professor for a recommendation from the course you wish to tutor in (or see below for if you are applying to become a tutor for Math, Stats, Physics, Chemistry, French or Japanese)

Math/Stats - All candidates interested in tutoring Math or Stats must meet with Marcia Frobish, Director of the GVSU Math and Stats Center.  Please contact Marcia Frobish at (616) 331-8690 or email to set up a Math/Stats tutor interview.

Physics - All candidates interested in tutoring physics must contact the Physics Department at (616) 331-2274 to schedule an interview to become a physics tutor.

Chemistry - All candidates interested in tutoring chemistry must meet with Sarah Clark from the GVSU Chemistry Department. Please email or call her at (616) 331-2072 to set up a chemistry tutor interview.

French - All candidates interested in tutoring French must meet with Anne Caillaud, Associate Professor of French at GVSU.  Please email Dr. Caillaud at or call her at  (616) 331-3371 to setup a french tutor interview.

Japanese/native speaker - All candidates interested in tutoring Japanese must contact the Modern Languages Department at (616) 331-3203 to schedule an interview to become a Japanese tutor.