Become a Tutor

To become a tutor you will need to have the two forms completed below: 1. General Tutor Application and 2. Professor Recommendation Form 

General Tutor Application

After the application is complete, we will contact you to setup an interview if there is a need for tutors in your area. The interview would be held in SASC Tutoring Center, 200 Student Services Building on the Allendale Campus. The Tutoring Center has a commitment to diversity in hiring tutors.  Please contact us if you have any questions (616-331-3451). Thank you! 


In order to have the professor recommendation form completed, please ask your professor for a recommendation from the course you wish to tutor in (or see below for if you are applying to become a tutor for Math, Stats, Physics, French or Japanese)

Chemistry - All candidates interested in tutoring chemistry must meet with Sarah Clark from the GVSU Chemistry Department. Please email or call her at (616) 331-2072 to set up a chemistry tutor interview.

Math/Stats - All candidates interested in tutoring Math or States must meet with Marcia Frobish, Director of the GVSU Math and Stats Center.  Please contact Marcia Frobish at (616) 331-8690 or email to set up a Math/Stats tutor interview.

Physics - All candidates interested in tutoring physics must contact the Physics Department at (616) 331-2274 to schedule an interview to become a physics tutor.

French - All candidates interested in tutoring French must meet with Anne Caillaud, Associate Professor of French at GVSU.  Please email Dr. Caillaud at or call her at  (616) 331-3371 to setup a french tutor interview.

Japanese/native speaker - All candidates interested in tutoring Japanese must contact the Modern Languages Department at (616) 331-3203 to schedule an interview to become a Japanese tutor.