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Farm Club

The Farm Club is a group of students who are actively involved in the Sustainable Agriculture Project. These students are committed to volunteering their time to ensure that each new growing season is a positive contribution to the Grand Valley community. The Farm Club extends their invitation to any Grand Valley student seeking educational volunteer opportunities. For more information about Farm Club, please visit their Facebook page.

Farm Club Meetings

Farm Club decided to change up how we do our meetings for a number of reasons. We will continue to hold meetings on Thursdays in Kirkhof 2201, but these will be biweekly. On weeks that we don't have meetings in Kirkhof on Thursday nights, we will meet at the farm following volunteer hours.

The Thursday night meetings will be allotted time for us to congregate and talk about projects, events, trips, etc. Please bring a computer, if you have one, to the meetings. This will be a great time to fill out funding proposals, think about different projects at the farm, & organize and brainstorm ideas for events - both events that we can host, or events others are hosting that we can attend.

The Friday meetings will be extremely informal, and will function more as a time to just get to know one another. We might go for hikes, go out to eat, cook dinner together, do arts and crafts, or watch a movie. On these days we will start at 4pm(ish) so that people who might already be here for volunteer hours will have already set aside time to be here, and this will hopefully encourage people who are relatively new to the farm to feel welcome in participating in Farm Club activities.

Farmer of the Week

Each week, Farm Club highlights one farmer from somewhere around the world. Researching, discussing, and learning from innovative sustainable agriculture practices around the world expands students' perspectives beyond the Western conventional farming framework.

See below for links to the presentations for Farmers of the Week. Enjoy!

February 23, 2017: Masanobu Fukuoka (Japan)

February 9, 2017: Anne Morningstar & Brian Bates (Michigan)

January 26, 2017: Grant Shultz (Iowa)