"I am a GVSU student studying natural resources management. I enjoy working part time at the sustainable agriculture project because it creates a community of people who care about the project. It is an opportunity to support myself during school while working in something loosely connected to my major. I also enjoy guitars, frisbees, and coffee."

Casey Davenport





Casey Davenport






Dana Eardly





"My name is Youssef Samir Darwich and I can't get over how awesome life is. I am fascinated by the relationships between members of the biota and their physical environment--I guess you can call me an ecology nerd. I'm especially interested in the role humans play within our ecosystems. I'm aiming to create systems that produce the resources (food, fuel, and fiber) we need by relying on ecology to maximize productivity and restore fertility to the land.

I came to GVSU for several reasons; the commitment to sustainability, the campus size (big but not too big), academic courses, and simply the beauty of the area. I didn't learn about the 'the farm' until I was a year into my studies but after my first visit I was hooked. For me, 'the farm' is a place to work towards goals I can actually see, while having fun and making friends."

Youssef Darwich


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