Levi Gardner
Project Manager

"I am a GVSU student studying natural resources management. I enjoy working part time at the sustainable agriculture project because it creates a community of people who care about the project. It is an opportunity to support myself during school while working in something loosely connected to my major. I also enjoy guitars, frisbees, and coffee."

Casey Davenport





Casey Davenport


"My name is Frank Parks, and I am a Senior at GVSU. I am from Grand Haven, but moved to Escanaba in grade school. My first instinct was to attend Grand Valley because of the proximity to my hometown. Upon visiting, I was drawn in by the beautiful campus, welcoming professors, and strong athletic program. I started working on the farm in my Sophomore year, and ever since have found it an incredibly therapeutic and relaxing place not just to work, but to learn and grow with my peers. I will always enjoy seeing an abundance of food created with just a little water and some hard work!"


Frank Parks



Dana Eardly

"My name is Anna Daves and I'm a senior studying natural resources management and biology. During my time at Grand Valley, I have learned much about the environmental and social impacts of industrial agriculture, and have become very interested in sustainable and organic growing practices. This interest led me to an internship with the Sustainable Agriculture Project. The SAP has given me the opportunity to learn how to sustainably grow food, to connect with others over this shared interest, and to reconnect with where my food comes from. After graduation I hope to continue learning by traveling to work on organic farms in a variety of environments and cultures."



Anna Daves

"My name is Jordyn Appel and I'm currently a junior majoring in anthropology, minoring in environmental studies & sustainability (with a certification in intercultural competence). In the future I hope to study agriculture and food systems. I originally came to Grand Valley because I was drawn to the university being a teaching institute; I fell in love with the ravines that surrounded the campus when I visited. I enjoy the sense of community that I feel at the farm, with the lovely individuals I work with there and with the plants themselves. I love working with my hands and getting them dirty!"



Jordan Appel

"My name is Youssef Samir Darwich and I can't get over how awesome life is. I am fascinated by the relationships between members of the biota and their physical environment--I guess you can call me an ecology nerd. I'm especially interested in the role humans play within our ecosystems. I'm aiming to create systems that produce the resources (food, fuel, and fiber) we need by relying on ecology to maximize productivity and restore fertility to the land.

I came to GVSU for several reasons; the commitment to sustainability, the campus size (big but not too big), academic courses, and simply the beauty of the area. I didn't learn about the 'the farm' until I was a year into my studies but after my first visit I was hooked. For me, 'the farm' is a place to work towards goals I can actually see, while having fun and making friends."

Youssef Darwich


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