Project Donations

When students move out at the end of each year they often discover several unwanted items. The Facilities Services Department coordinates with local nonprofit organizations to set up donation boxes on campus for students to donate items like furniture, clothing, and food. Even electronics, which are reused or recycled by Comprenew, (a local e-waste recycler) can be donated.
Suggested Freshman Packing List (pdf) Project Donation 2012: Project Donation is a collaborative effort between Facilities Services and Housing to give students the opportunity to donate items they no longer want or will use to non-profit organizations in the West Michigan area. Items that are collected include non-perishable food, clothing, household items, small appliances and furniture.
However, this year the committee discovered that many of our Grand Valley students are in need as well. This inspired us to collect more items to provide for programs in our community, such as the Women's Center pantry develop a new program GVSU International fREeCycle Program. Most international students can not bring much with them when they come to Grand Valley to study, so they have to purchase the household items they need. The GVSU International fREeCycle Program will provide them with the items they need with agreement that they will return them, in good condition, when they complete their time at Grand Valley. General Information GVSU Project Donation is during finals week. Donation boxes are set up in the great rooms in every living center and apartment complex, and in the community centers at Laker Village, Grand Valley Apartments, and Ravines.
For more information, check out the GVSU Project Donation Facebook page.