Sustainable Community Development Initiative

Sustainability Pledge

"Sustainability is meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." (U.N. Brundtland Commissions 1987)

Grand Valley's liberal education focus emphasizes critical thinking, creative problem solving, and cultural understanding, preparing you for life in a fast-changing world. It fosters a commitment to economic, social, and environmental sustainability and an inclusive campus that values diversity. Through its forward thinking education, individuals are empowered to affect the global community now and in the future.

There are three key factors of sustainability:

  • The environmental impact of all human activity
  • The enhancement of social systems
  • The improvement of economic conditions

Please read the following statement below. By submitting this pledge you are committing to be a part of the solution and working to create a more just and sustainable society.

"I pledge to use the knowledge and experience I gain at GVSU and beyond to take into account the economic, social and environmental consequences of my decisions. Furthermore, I pledge to make every effort to reduce my ecological footprint and to improve the sustainability of the communities in which I live, learn, work and play."