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Green Chemistry Certificate

The development of sustainability certificates in renewable resources, business, urban sustainability, and green science has culminated thus far in a Green Chemistry certificate. This certificate can be completed in one calendar year, if all prerequisites were completed previously. For more information on requirements and courses, visit the GVSU Catalog.
Requirements for a Certificate in Green Chemistry
Complete (13-14) credits from the courses below: CHM 311 Green Chemistry and Industrial Processes Credits: 3 CHM 321 Environmental Chemistry Credits: 3 CHM 399 Readings in Chemistry Credits: 1 or 2 CHM 490 Chemistry Laboratory Internship Credits: 1 to 4
OR CHM 499 Investigation Problems Credits: 1 to 5
(any combination of CHM 490/499 that add to a total of 3 credits satisfies this requirement) AND (1) of the courses listed below: CHM 322 Environmental Chemical Analysis Credits: 3 NRM 330 Environmental Pollution Credits: 3 GPY 412 Global Environmental Change Credits: 3 ECO 345 Environmental and Resource Economics Credits: 3 GEO 300 Geology and the Environment Credits: 3 NRM 451 Natural Resource Policy Credits: 4 * GEO 445 Introduction to Geochemistry Credits: 4 *

*GEO 445 and NRM 451 are four credit courses; in case of opting for one of these two courses, the total number of required credits will be 14. For more information on career opportunities with a Green Chemistry Certificate, see the program description here. For more information on sustainability certificates, contact Dalila Kovacs at