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Intern has taste of movie magic

Jacqueline Gerhardy

For Grand Valley State University film and video student Jacqueline Gerhardy, an internship with a production company that is filming a major motion picture in Michigan has given her real-world experience on a big-picture set.
Sophomore Gerhardy is working with Wolverine Productions LLC and Contrafilm which has a production office in Troy, Mich.  The film is a big-budget remake of the 1984 film "Red Dawn," directed by Daniel Bradley and starring Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) and Josh Peck, (Drake and Josh).
Gerhardy has a particular interest in post-production, hoping to become a film or music video editor, but studying film at Grand Valley has given Gerhardy room to stretch her talents across numerous facets of the art-form.
“Grand Valley is helping me focus, more specifically, on what I would like to do with my future. By letting me try all different aspects of film-making in classes, I'm able to try anything I like,” Gerhardy said.
With this internship, Gerhardy has seen first-hand the positive effects of Michigan's film incentives. She says, not only does it bring business and jobs to the area, but it also gives locals a chance to witness their own piece of Hollywood-history.
“The crew has told me in Hollywood, people don't get excited when film crews come around. Here it is the opposite: People transform,” Gerhardy added.

The internship has allowed Gerhardy to view a wide range of jobs involved in a big-budget film. She recommends that all film majors try to experience working on a real film set, so they realize just what they are getting themselves into.
“Nothing beats hands-on experience, especially in the hands-on world of film,” Gerhardy said.
The experience of working on a film set has definitely given Gerhardy a realistic perspective on just what exactly she is getting herself into with a career in film.
“I think now my eyes are open, looking through the peep-hole of the door as I'm trying to get my foot through it,” Gerhardy added.

by Abby Hartig

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