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Dean's textbook sells well

Jeffrey Potteiger

Jeffrey Potteiger's successful first self-authored textbook has exceeded the publisher's expectations, as well as his own.

His textbook, Introduction to Exercise Science, published in February 2010, has sold more than 4,300 copies. It exceeded sales budgeted numbers by 55 percent within its first printing, and carried over into a second printing. "It really is a shock; I didn't know what to expect," said Potteiger, dean of Graduate Studies. "It is beyond my wildest expectations." Potteiger earned a doctorate in exercise physiology from Auburn University.

The American College of Sports Medicine and Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins Publishing approached Potteiger in 2008 to create a textbook. He described the two-year process as rewarding and challenging, and said his approach to writing the book was important to creating it. "I wrote it like I was teaching the class," said Potteiger. "I wanted to tell a story, and get points across from the student's perspective, and not minute points I think students need to know."

The textbook's holistic approach to medical careers that can begin with an exercise science concentration is its strongest benefactor. "Lots of students are broadly interested in health, and there are a number of paths to pursue after receiving an undergraduate degree in exercise science," said Potteiger. "Some students may go on to physical therapy or medical school, others become coaches, registered dieticians, sports medicine professionals or athletic trainers with this degree."

Much of the revenue generated from the book sales goes to support research and health initiatives of ACSM. Potteiger said he will begin working on the second edition of Introduction to Exercise Science this year. 

by Sarah Schultz

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