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Business alumna successful times three

Eunice Lopez-Martin

Grand Valley State University alumna Eunice Lopez-Martin is a triple-threat.

Lopez-Martin, 22, graduated in December 2009 as a triple major in management, international business, and Spanish. That's an impressive enough feat, but she finished it all in four years while maintaining a 3.5 grade point average.

Lopez-Martin was born in Mexico, where she lived until she was 10. Her family first moved to Texas, and then to Michigan when she was 14. "My parents are missionaries, so we traveled a lot for a few years," she said.

The Ottawa Hills High School graduate remembers frequent visits to her school from Grand Valley counselors. She was leaning toward Grand Valley because she wanted to stay close to home, but then she visited campus and made up her mind.

"I just fell in love with it," she said. "It was small enough to go to classes and get to know the professors one-on-one. I feel like that's a key point — you have to be able to communicate with your professors."

She said she's thankful for that interaction. "I had really good professors my four years at Grand Valley," she said.

She knew right away that she wanted to be a business major, and she wanted it to have an international component because of her background and because she loves to travel to other countries. She added the Spanish major because she wanted to be able to read literature and write well-prepared papers in her native tongue. While she admittedly had a lot on her plate, Lopez-Martin said she enjoyed the work. "There was a lot of stuff that really inspired me," she said. "It was a passion for me. I was lucky enough not to take any classes I didn't want to take — I had so many majors that I had a lot of classes to cover."

Lopez-Martin made an impression on her professors, include management Professor Star Swift. "From the first day that Eunice was in my class I knew she was special," Swift said. "She was always well prepared for lectures and she asked the tough questions that showed me that she truly knew the material. I feel fortunate to have had her in my classes and I look forward to following her career. I tease her that one day I will be saying, 'I knew her when.'"

Lopez-Martin has been accepted into Michigan State University's Labor Relations master's program and she hopes to pursue a career in international human resources. She is currently employed by Chase Bank.

by Brian J. Bowe

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