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Alum named Teacher of the Year

Alum named Teacher of the Year
Chris Bolhuis

Chris Bolhuis, a ninth grade earth science teacher at Hudsonville High School, has been named the 2013 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Science Teacher of the Year.

Bolhuis, a 14-year teaching veteran at Hudsonville, earned bachelor’s degrees in geology and Earth science and a master’s degree in education from Grand Valley.

“In the classroom, I believe inquiry-based learning is the key,” said Bolhuis. “It helps students generate their own questions that are testable and important to them in the context of our studies.”

Bolhuis leads students on field trips to the Upper Peninsula and on three-week field trips to western states. He is a national leader in training his students to earn college credit while still in high school and has motivated at least 40 students to earn college degrees in geology or Earth science.

Bolhuis was awarded $6,000 for improvements to his classroom and for professional development. He received the award May 20 at the national AAPG convention in Pittsburgh.


by Dottie Barnes

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