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Facebooking at work

Facebooking at work
Alex Restrepo is pictured at the<br>Facebook headquarters.

Alex Restrepo is a talented computer programmer whose opportunities during his time as a graduate student at Grand Valley led him to a career working for Facebook.

Restrepo is from Medellin, Colombia, and came to the United State to study computer science. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the EAFIT University in Colombia.

Restrepo earned a master’s degree in computer information systems from Grand Valley in 2012 after working as a graduate assistant in the Mobile Applications and Service Lab and completing an internship with Motorola as a mobile application developer.

Restrepo was a graduate assistant for Jonathan Englesma, associate professor of computing and information systems. Englesma worked closely with Restrepo and said that he does excellent work.

“He’s a very brilliant programmer,” said Englesma. “Alex came to Grand Valley with quite a bit of commercial software development experience. He was an outstanding student. I was pretty sure he was going to succeed in a big way once he got in the industry.”

After graduating from Grand Valley, Restrepo took a job at a small startup company. “I ended up working there for about four months until Facebook contacted me and asked me to interview with them to become part of their mobile team,” said Restrepo. “A few weeks later, I was a Facebook employee and  joined the Instagram team as part of their iOS engineering team.”

Restrepo expressed that working at Facebook, at its California headquarters, has its benefits. “So far it’s been an amazing time,” he said. “The headquarters was named the best place to work in the nation. I see myself for Facebook for a while.”

He said that Grand Valley opened up opportunities for him to reach his goals. “Getting involved with professors and the different projects they work with helped me get to where I am now,” he said.


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