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Witnessing the revolution first-hand

Samia Fitouri

A native of Tunis, Tunisia, Samia Fitouri witnessed the Tunisian revolution and wrote news articles about it as a voice for the youth of her nation.

She has written articles, including one for the American University in Cairo and another for the Guardian, about the revolution from the perspective of those at the front lines of the protests.

Fitouri studied English literature and civilization at the University of Tunis. She currently studies journalism and mass media at Grand Valley as an international student. She earned a job at a Tunisian news company after an article she wrote about the current state of the country was published by The Guardian.

“I joined the team as a news writer, and I worked there for almost a year before taking off to the U.S.,” said Fitouri. “We worked with CNN, CBS and other very famous journalists who would come to cover the elections and all the post-revolutionary events.”

Fitouri wrote another article about the personal experiences and opinions of the youth who were at the front of the revolution.

She said, “It’s actually not one voice, but many voices of how society in Tunisia looks right now.”

Fitouri said she plans to enroll in graduate school to study journalism and mass media after working for few years in Tunisia.

“I’ll be applying for master’s program abroad,” said Fitouri. “I don’t want to go to a journalism grad school in my country because most of the journalism programs are taught either in Arabic or in French and I would like to have that international perspective through studying international journalism in English.”

Read two of Fitouri’s articles here and here.

by DeLain Bomer III

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