Success Stories

Graduate published in journal

Garry Sanders

After years of research, Garry Sanders, with the help of Grand Valley’s Annis Water Resources Institute, received a featured article in the Journal of Aquatic Biology.

Sanders, a 2009 alumnus with a master’s degree in biology with an emphasis in aquatic science, wrote a featured journal article, “Benthic macroinvertebrate and fish communities in Lake Huron are linked to submerged groundwater vents.” The article reported on studies conducted on food web linkages in a newly discovered underwater ecosystem in Lake Huron, using modern isotopic tracer methods to shed light on the nature of these otherwise invisible pathways.

“I grew up in Moraga, California, spending much of my younger life outdoors,” said Sanders. “This gave me a great appreciation for the organisms that are in the natural world and the processes that occur between these species.”

Bopaiah Biddanda, associate professor of environmental biology with the Annis Water Resources Institute, spearheaded the research in Lake Huron. “Garry was mostly self-driven and would pursue his objective unwaveringly. This explains his successful journey from Grand Valley to a leadership position managing an entire river watershed in Oregon.”

Sanders currently works as the project manager for the Crooked River Watershed Council, a non-profit organization in central Oregon focused on improving and restoring watershed function. He said AWRI garnered his attention as a high-quality research facility that was exactly what he wanted for his graduate tenure. Sanders said Grand Valley has the resources of a large university but the feel and social interaction of a small college, “which is the best of both worlds.”


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