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Student earns publisher ambassadorship

Benjamin Delgado-Rochas was selected as one of 15 student ambassadors for McGraw Hill Publishing following a competitive national interviewing process.

Delgado-Rochas, an international business and marketing student from Tel Aviv, Israel, first received information about the opportunity from Jayne Dissette, an adjunct instructor with Seidman Management and the School of Computing Science, who urged him to pursue the position.

“The application process was very complex,” said Delgado-Rochas. “I had to apply online, had two phone interviews, and then a week or two later I was accepted.”

Delgado-Rochas said he is taking this unpaid opportunity to expand the skills he is learning in his academic programs and applying them to a real-world situation. His responsibilities are to connect with students and to conduct research for McGraw Hill’s Connect/LearnSmart, an online student resource.

Connect/LearnSmart is designed to enhance students’ learning experience through educational outlines of textbook chapters, quizzes and study guides. The online software aims to increase student grades and encourages students to participate more in class.

“McGraw Hill has many goals they want to achieve, beginning with increasing the recognition of their smart learning system,” said Delgado-Rochas. He is conducting marketing research on campus and utilizing social media to share information with students.

“We use Facebook to post articles and related materials,” said Delgado-Rochas. “I’m also trying to talk to students and learn what they know about Connect/LearnSmart and McGraw Hill in general. It’s satisfying to me to continue working and gaining more experience in the social media marketing, and to be a part of such a major organization as McGraw Hill,” he said.

by DeLain Bomer III

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