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Nat'l journal runs student paper

Nat'l journal runs student paper
Travis Wheeler

Travis Wheeler didn’t think much of sending in a paper from one of his Honors College classes to a national journal — until he got word that his paper had been accepted for publication.

Wheeler, from Muskegon, will have his paper, “The Most Illusive Genre,” which is about movies and the film noir genre, published in a journal called Aisthesis.

Wheeler said he wrote the paper for an Honors freshman seminar course called “Live, Learn, Lead: Life in Honors” and sent it in when he heard about the journal through an email.

“I was very surprised when I found out the paper was accepted,” Wheeler said. “It’s quite an honor to have my work put in the journal.”

Jeffrey Chamberlain, director of Grand Valley's Frederik Meijer Honors College, said it's unusual for undergraduate students to be published in national journals, and it's extremely rare for a freshman. 

Chamberlain said Wheeler's paper was well-researched and made an original argument in a very effective form.

"He also did a presentation on his work that was so polished it could have been done by a graduate student," Chamberlain said. "We are proud of Travis for the exceptional work that he has been doing in Honors and at Grand Valley."

Aisthesis is a cross-disciplinary journal composed of works from Honors students at colleges and universities from across the nation. Its name comes from the Greek word meaning “Informed Perception,” and the journal prides itself on displaying the vast range of perception of Honors students.

For more information on the journal, visit the Aisthesis website. To learn more about Grand Valley's Frederik Meijer Honors College, visit

by Nate Hoekstra

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